Studio E: Epilepsy Art Therapy Exhibit

Studio E

WHEN: December 2nd, 2016 – January, 2017

WHERE: American Express Building, Main Lobby  65 Broadway, New York, NY 10006

Peter Demeo, Heydi De Los Santos, Michael Jones, Stephen Julien, Christine Negrón, Alexander Mark Ronan, Jules Shapiro, Elena Shweky, Edwin Valencia

EFMNY is proud to present its 3rd Annual Studio E Exhibit, showcasing an ambitious and forward-looking Epilepsy Art Therapy Program. Over the course of 8 weeks, participants worked with a licensed art therapist to create art pieces using visual mediums in a group setting. The resulting body of work represents the artists’ creativity and unique spirit.

Please stop by and visit our Studio E Gallery Exhibit where we are honored to host and display the incredible works produced by our Studio-E artists this year.

Click here to view a sampling of the artwork that will be showcased

EFMNY's Studio E Epilepsy Art Therapy Exhibition

Studio E followed an open studio approach by providing artist-quality art materials and an openness for participants to choose their own mediums and content of their artworks. Throughout the eight weeks, participants utilized the group in a variety of ways, as a source for communication, relaxation, emotional processing, skill building, and enjoyment. Additionally, the Studio E group offered a space for interpersonal exchange, providing a safe and validating environment to explore feelings surrounding the physical and emotional impact of living with Epilepsy. As well, the art making process offered opportunities for self-exploration, leading to increased self-esteem which can aid in a sense of autonomy and mastery in other areas of life. The process of creating offers a sense of mastery, fights stigma, and promotes self-worth.

The present exhibition is an important extension of the Art Therapeutic Process. The art product now can act as a tangible mirror, reflecting back to the individual artist that Epilepsy does not define whom he/she is. The visual image conveys symbolic meaning as the artwork aided in my understanding and empathy towards the experience of living with Epilepsy. The art image is a powerful tool for empowering and de-stigmatizing individuals with Epilepsy.

-Melissa Díaz, ATR-BC, LCAT, Facilitator of the EFMNY Studio E Program


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