Individuals with epilepsy who are not work-ready but wish to become more active and productive members of their community may participate in our Day Habilitation Program. This program includes participation at Community-Based Volunteer Sites and a Community Integration Group.

Community-Based Volunteer Sites

Each Day Habilitation participant volunteers two days per week at a community-based volunteer site selected in accordance with his/her personal and vocational interests. Our program counselors provide initial intensive on-site support and follow up as participants learn the skills necessary to perform job tasks independently and to form meaningful interpersonal relationships with their co-workers.

Community Integration Group

Day Habilitation participants may also elect to participate in our weekly Community Integration Group. Group trips and activities are designed to strengthen participants’ skills in the areas of independent living and travel, accessing community resources, socialization, communication, and problem solving.

For more information about the Day Habilitation program offered by The Epilepsy Institute please call 212-677-8550.