Epilepsy Awareness Month

November, 2014 – All Month Long

Celebrate National Epilepsy Awareness Month with EFMNY!

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#DareTo Campaign

November 2014 – December 2015

For people living with epilepsy, The Epilepsy Foundation’s new “#DareTo” campaign focuses on improving understanding and management of their seizures, including exploring the best available treatment options and best available care. The campaign underscores EFMNY’s commitment to being bold and aggressive in accelerating change for all people living with epilepsy. For the general public, #DareTo challenges people to better understand epilepsy, to know how to recognize seizures, and to learn proper first aid.

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Project UPLIFT

Beginning June/July 2014

Many people with epilepsy experience depression and other mood disorders. Are you an adult (age 18 and over) with epilepsy? Do you experience low mood? Project UPLIFT may be the program for you. For more information, contact Sonali Zoracki at communitysupport@efmny.org or call (212) 677-8550.

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Self Help Groups

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